I’m always very attentive with the hats, not that I don’t like them – the hats – truth to be told- are a very powerful accessory. But it’s always a difficulty for me to find the right one that makes me feel not only warm and cozied up in a cold weather but also beautiful and self-confident and secure in my outfit. There are a few types that I’m used to wear, of course, but fashion trends require and constantly suggest the new ones you can’t underestimate or neglect. Others are simply necessary to complete the outfits.

I don’t know what was it exactly that made me try on the beret this season: was it the trend (because it was back again and really very trendy this season) or the curiosity or the hidden desire to feel myself the Parisian girl at least once in a lifetime…But the fact is that the minute I put it on, I felt it my thing.
For now I have it black, but the trend demands the the berets come in every form and color: red, dusty rose, Burgundy, nude and many more. There are the ones with pearls or leather or furry ones or even with some kind of a broach or with a delicate net on it, just like mine.
But the fact is that I absolutely needed my daughters approval so, trying on one of my new hats one of the mornings I asked her whether she actually liked it or not and that was what came out:
– Sweetie, tell me if you think mommy seems ridiculous with this hat?- I asked, convinced she would give me an absolute “no”.
– Not at all, mom. You didn’t seem ridiculous even when you had that beret upon your head the other day….
Having tried on the beret was a fun experience but definitely something that gave me one more piece for my own style.
Tell me about you favorite type of hat and have a nice day!




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