Still winter, baby!

Ok the climate is changing: but hey, its still winter and honestly I love wearing fur coats. Especially such cute teddy bear coats that are so in style this cold season!
A long fur coat is not really ideal for pretty mild Sardinian winters, but even here the weather changes from day to day and sunny weather can be changed by wet and windy. So the moment I saw this coat I thought it could be a good compromise for staying warm and cozy and not to feel overdressed. Plus, it is really a nice model, the one that makes you feel elegant and in style at the same time, just the way I prefer it. This shearling coat is one of the best that Mango created this season (not the only one though and I’m preparing my next post about it).
The color is a trend setter for FW17-18 and this type of coats are always in style.
I wear it here with the leather vintage pants, warm and comfortable shearling boots of the same color and a faux fur bag. But you can imagine all the options of mix and match though!
As for the accessories I’d name the hats one of the favorites of this season. For the windy days I really liked this faux fur hat which matches perfectly with the whole outfit. It’s really very warm one and I prefer to stay without in a Sardinian mild climate, but of course, if you live in a colder place it’s a perfect pair of style and comfort.


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