And returning to such an interesting topic as winter layering, here’s another one very cute example. For this outfit I chose the shades of grey and cream white. Not being a huge fun of grey usually, still this time I felt some kind of an inspiration and had fun with different grey nuances and cream white along with darker accessories. You can do exactly the same, but if you want to add a hunch of color to your outfit, choose an orange scarf (by the way, my easy-going scarf is by Zara and it’s a pure softness) or a red hat… maybe beret… Why not?
Besides layering for the cozy and cuddling feeling, it’s a winning idea to focus the attention on the accessorizing. Using that, you can transform any outfit into your own individual look. I’ve already talked about this in my previous post. For example, imagine this outfit with a classic fedora hat or with a Russian Cossack fur hat… The outfit would be completely transformed!
Vinyl black boots are my choice of the season, though I can imagine also heavy army boots perfectly here, too.
Of course, the backpack adds that casual flair to the whole outfit, being also so trendy at the moment. And it’s also extremely comfortable, especially when I run around the city with my children and everyone of them may need something from out of a mommy’s bag or to put something in it, some toy or a book brought from home… And every time you need to have enough space for all of this stuff and be ready that your bag is gonna become a bit heavier by the time you return back home. A backpack is a perfect solution taking it all in and if it’s a Prada, than being a piece of statement it’s an eye catcher as well.

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