This month is over too.
The flu and bad weather messed up all the plans: some appointments were cancelled, some things weren’t done. That was quite irritating but I guess you can’t fight the nature forces, so I just kept staying positive doing what I could.
And that was fun, too. I posted several outfits. Hope you liked them and found some ideas for you.
The most exiting and interesting thing this month was Milan Fashion Week, of course. There were other fashion weeks not less important or interesting, but I tried my best to follow and to gather all the information about the Italian one. So that you could be informed about all the new trends and the highlights. You can read the whole post on my Facebook page 5th Fashion Avenue   or on my Instagram account @5thfasionavenue.

I was planning to write about a basic wardrobe, and I still am, and that’s the thing I couldn’t do this month unfortunately. But the post is coming.
Hopefully next month we’ll see spring coming, so it’ll be possible to create the new and fresh outfits.

Otherwise my way of compromising will be spring inside and winter on the outside) With some more winter outfits, not less interesting, I promise.

I’m also preparing already some new posts on beauty. Thank you so much for reading.
I wish you all a good day and a positive month.
Stay tuned!

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