Glencheck coat with the belt

I only recently entered the Stradivarius store for the first time although it had been opened in Cagliari for several years. And all just because my girlfriend asked me for information on a garment she saw in the window, but she did not have time to get in and get more information.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I looked around well. And honestly, I was glad I did. Firstly, because every new place can always bring new ideas and inspirations. Secondly, because it opens up a chance to see the usual things from a new and unusual angle.
I’ll explain. Stradivarius is a retail that is part of the company, among whose creations, there is also Zara. And you know, if you have followed me at least for a while, that Zara’s pieces appear very often in my outfits. I like finding that special and particular piece through the amount of ordinary clothing that goes perfect for the chosen outfit.
So, Stradivarius seemed to me very similar to Zara. But being more focused on modern trends, it offers less classic clothing and more trendy, “fresh” clothes and the sportswear. Therefore, looking attentively you can find something interesting, special and new. And it was that special and interesting part that attracted my attention.
I have identified some very original and cute outfits, including today’s one, that I’d really like to show you and hear what you think. So write your comments, please.

And in the meantime I want to focus on two main pieces of today’s outfit:
1. Glencheck patterned coat and
2. Canvas slogan belt.
Both of them are trends.
1. The checked pattern still goes a lot. So much that today’s fashion wants it in sporty outfits as well. This is very typical of modern fashion in general: mixing the completely opposite styles and fabrics: jeans and organza, evening dresses and cowboy boots, blazers and sweatshirts, etc.

2. The belt wrapped around the coat is not only a trend, it’s an eye-catcher. The very same effect is achieved by wrapping it around a trench coat or a blazer.

I paired the coat with the black striped pants, and, remaining in my black and white color choice, Swarovski embellished white sneakers and the black shoulder bag.

Anyway, there are lots of possibilities to create many outfits on this coat basis: you change the belt, bag and shoes color and pick rather pants or a sweater with the detail of a chosen color and here you are: a new fresh outfit is ready.

Coat, belt and trousers Stradivarius

Sneakers Miu Miu

Bag MAX&Co




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