Leopard print: how to wear it

First of all I’d like to say that the rules of fashion have changed a lot, and if before the leopard print was a symbol of luxury framed by the expensive precious jewelry (Elisabeth Taylor wore it) or was used to emphasize the sexual aggressiveness of the female body (remember Sophia Loren). Today it is worn more easily and naturally. Mixing it with the biker boots, leather pants, jeans, sneakers or vintage clothes and maybe without the makeup or hair perfectly done.

If you chose a leopard printed accessory, for example, a bag, then the leo can be color-blocked with bright deep colors: green, red, purple.
If it’s still a coat, it’s better to stay in a more classical color scheme: black, dark brown or chocolate, white, cream; choosing the right combination for a shade of a print.
Also, combining with the leopard, you should pay special attention to the texture and materials. Do not wear jersey and too tight-fitting things with this pattern: it will look cheap. For the same reason I dislike the leopard mini skirts. On the contrary, if you pick a knee-long leopard pencil skirt and pair it with the dark or beige turtleneck, you’ll be just on top!

You should also pair with the leo print qualitatively high fabrics as  leather, velvet, silk, wool or cashmere, corduroy.

In this outfit I styled a leopard trench with quite casual clothing. The option for an office day could be this same trench plus a simple dark or beige suit.
Leopard print is a bold and eye-catching choice. At the moment it’s also a huge trend, so for those of you who would like to try wearing it, but still doubt, here’s my advice: take a chance and experiment!

Trench Max&Co

Sweater (I also like this one here)

Jeans Max&Co

Bag Max&Co

Boots (also love these ones here)

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