Attention! It’s a red light!

You already saw the flower prints, the leopard ones, and now I don’t know how about you, but I really want something bright, eye-catching and colored!
Like red, for example. And here we are: red becomes the main hero of some of my outfits (yes, exactly, outfits and not outfit, because it does not end up here!)
I’ve already told you about my occasional visit to Stradivarius (here) and the ideas I got there to create some of my outfits. This is another one of those Stradivarius inspired that I’d like to share with you.
Who likes wearing cardigans, I’d say, now is the right time to show off something oversize, soft, long, and maybe even with no buttons. Because you can wrap it either with a belt bag, just like I did it here or with the belt, and then you can carry your belt bag over your shoulder: which is a great trend today!
Under the cardigan I have a white sweater; both the cardigan and the sweater are made of pure cotton. I do not know about you, but if there is a possibility, I always try to choose natural fabrics and materials, especially when it comes to garments that go into direct contact with the skin, as in this case.

In this outfit I preferred wearing sneakers, but the high heels are not to be excluded at all. In fact, I’d recommend to those of you who are not very tall, to pick the heels for such an outfit: because they will make seem your legs longer and prevent the cardigan from visually “stealing” the precious centimeters.

For the rest it is a very comfortable and practical outfit. Being made of pure cotton, it’ll keep warm in the freshness of an early morning or the evening and it’ll remain pleasantly cool in the warmer midday hours. As for the color, it’s definitely an eye-catcher! What do you think?

Cardigan and sweater Stradivarius

Jeans Stradivarius

Belt bag Stradivarius

Sneakers Stradivarius

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