Total white denim look

I did not expect that I would be so happy about the denim thing that goes so much in vogue right now. So much happy, that I’m returning in this post again to the denim topic.
I got my first jeans skirt and a blu denim jacket in the secondary school.
Then I remember it was a returning of a denim trend right before my graduating from high school, that I got myself a light-blue denim jacket. That denim color was the most trendy those years!
After that I do remember I liked wearing denim clothes during my first years in Italy (these were the after University years).
After that I stopped wearing denim, except the ubiquitous jeans, of course, for quite a while. I guess I was creating my new style… But, thanks to the trends, which brought us total denim look back, I started wearing denim clothes again.

To be honest, I did not think of pulling out of the closet my vintage blue jeans jacket again, but as it turned out, I was wrong. Can’t tell I’m not happy about it.
But this time I went further: I bought myself a white denim jacket with floral embroidery: fresh, light, spring-looking…)


How can we style it?

1. Firstly, as I already wrote here, with jeans (and I personally prefer a monochrome total look, but in this very case, I must admit that pairing a blue jeans to the white jeans jacket looks very pretty);
2. Secondly, with a long dress, of a different color possibly. I’d style this look with flat sandals;
3. With a pleated skirt: the pleats are also a trend now. And again, pairing with the flat shoes: the sneakers, for example.

I’d say these are my favorite options at the moment.
A bit of attention here: a white jeans jacket may add double volume, as denim is quite a heavy fabric and white works always adding volume anyway.
I added another trend to this outfit: the transparent shopping bag. I really like it altogether!

And how do you style a white denim jacket? And do you wear it at all?

White denim jacket

White jeans


Transparent bag



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