Tweed Blazer and Lingerie Tank Top

Back in late 90s in Moscow when I was studying at the university, I loved to be dressed like this.

Now I can admit it – it was “my” outfit and my style, which for a long time accompanied me as the only possible one. But when you dress like this at 20 – you look elder (and maybe that’s the result I was trying to obtain), when you dress like this at 30 – you look older; when you dress like this from time to time – you just look gorgeous.
Lacy top, as well as the combination dresses, by the way, which, by the way, have long since migrated from the underwear to the everyday clothing (very chic and sexy though) looks stunning, exquisite and very sexy anytime.

The long tweed jacket is an irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe, I believe. Think of any occasion an it’s always good. I like tweed jackets that remind me of the Chanel ones: I have them in my wardrobe in several colors and still always want to add some more. They are always in vogue and every year this or that brand propose the different models of such blazers in their collections. Like Zara, for example. They are very good quality and are always so pleasant to wear.

How not to seem older wearing such a jacket:

1. No pearls: and even if you are tempted, there are so many other ways to look as Coco;

2. Create a contrast bottom: I chose here the cropped jeans, but a boyfriend one could be perfect, too.
This outfit here is an elegant version, better for the date night or the meeting, so the ripped jeans were out of question.

3. Shoes. For the day version: sporty. Light sneakers – will look very pretty here. Very often they use the “ugly” sneakers. Even with evening dresses. Personally I don’t like such a pairing. Fashion is fashion, and style is style.

4. Backpack instead of a shoulder bag here: and you’ve got a super-outfit!

Blazer Zara

Lingerie tank top



Bag (I also like this one)


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