A Rainbow Dress


Let me call this dress a rainbow dress! Because to me it looks exactly  like it, indeed! And what else do you need in summer, if not a cheerful, colorful and airy dress?!
And here you are! Another dress (after this one) by Max&Co, to fall in love with and to enjoy during the warm season.

The location of the shooting was not chosen by chance. First of all, because this beautiful garden at the feet the Bastion walls of Cagliari is always very quiet and never crowded. Why is that? To tell the truth, I don’t know. This garden is the most beautiful and cozy place where you can spend a couple of hours with your favorite book. It’ll be definitely a precious time dedicated to yourself in the fresh air, surrounded by the extraordinary beauty. I highly recommend it to everyone who is going to visit Cagliari. It is located in the center of the city, at the beginning of Via Regina Elena street.
Second of all, the natural colors of this small garden create a wonderful harmony with the color range of the dress. In this case, I simply didn’t need any accessory, since this oasis of greenery and flowers was the best frame and addition to the outfit.



Not at all ashamed to confess I felt a bit like a butterfly wearing this dress. The stones that you can see in the pictures are nothing more than the creations of the Sardinian sculptor Pino Sciola, (died a few years ago), and whose sculptures adorn this small park. Unfortunately, at the beginning we did not even suspect that these were the sculptures, so that we used them quite freely and “artistically” in the pictures. I was a little bit upset not having known about it before, but the pictures turned out wonderful!

Dress Max&Co

Jacket Max&Co

Shoes Chloé (but I also like these)





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