Mom is a Superhero!

Being a mom-of-three, I’d like to dedicate this post to a Mother’s Day celebrated here in Italy (and not only here) just a little more than a week ago.
Let me start with a slogan T-shirt, that ironically but also truly claims the “Mom is a Superhero”!!! Oh, yes, I bet she is!

The whole look is extremely comfy, enables to move easily, which is so important for us moms, especially surrounded by small children like me. At the same time, it’s also styled in a certain way.
If I choose a comfortable jeans, then let the denim fabric be strictly dark blue. If the shoes have no heels, then let them be something stylish and original, like, for example, these denim mules with the pattern. Than I pair a dark blue denim bag, which goes perfect here and has enough space inside as well. And if it’s a T-shirt, then let it be decorated with some kind of ironic or inspiring slogan, such as “Mom is a Superhero”, for example, which seemed to me more than matchy to the Mother’s Day.
…The message is clear: yes, we ARE in fact Superheroes sometimes, but we can also be stylish Superheroes! Right?
Well, to be serious, how can I manage to do everything?
My secret is quite simple – the organization. Keeping in mind the whole day, divided into several time intervals, which are assigned to this or that activity. Usually, we have quite a busy day with the kids, so it’s much easier to organize it according to the schedule. ‘Cos if you wanna make it, you just have to move. Children gradually get used to the daily routine, even though there’s always something that they insert in the middle: the games, the reading, the TV. It’s all more than ok because children just need the various distractions, but then it’s up to us moms to direct them to the desired activity at the desired time – this is the task of every Mommy Superhero)
Of course, all mothers know that this is not always an easy thing to do. That’s why, the organization and the discipline must be first of all referred to ourselves.

This does not mean that there are no exceptions, anyway, but also in exceptions, I try to observe the cardinal points of the timetable, the observance of which, above all, is important for the children themselves, for their health and tranquility.
And remember that despite our boundless love for our children and the desire to please them in everything, that is us, the adults, who should take all the decisions in all the organizational staff, and not vice versa!
Tell me about your days with the kids. How do you organize them, and if you organize them at all?
Thank you very much for reading and have a nice day!


Jeans Topshop (I also like this)

Mules Mango (I also like these espadrillas)

Bag Miu Miu (this one is also very pretty)

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