Elizabeth Arden for UN Women: Together We March On!

I want to tell you a true story.
A few months ago I met an old acquaintance of mine. An educated, intelligent person. Having seen my fashion blog accounts in various social networks he wanted to let me know about it by telling me the following: if I’d had some free time just like you, I would have loved to dedicate myself to the hobby as you do as well…
Now. Yes, it’s true. I do not work in the “real” office. I do not state my identity by staying in the office from 09.00 in the morning until 20.00 in the evening. So, if I am a woman who has three children and has chosen to do the fulltime mom job, then I am no longer considered a working woman or a woman who does anything at all? You must know that full time job with kids means 24/7. Not paid (not me, not here in Italy). But no complaints nor regrets.
And yes, I decided to start running my fashion blog, which is nothing but my constant passion and enthusiasm, that takes me (if remaining) all of my spare time. I do it late at night, when everyone is asleep, I do it early in the morning, when everyone is still asleep, I do it on Sundays too…
Now attention, please: the insinuations as

if you’re a full time mom and don’t work = you’re not doing anything

are pretty inaccurate.

Let’s not forget we are living in the XXI century. If a woman decides to be a mother, this commitment is still not recognized. I do not say like work, but at least as a commitment. Which also engages a lot of work , both physical and mental. It requires so much attention, concentration, patience and skill. Besides, it is also a huge responsibility. I want to eliminate the prejudice that mom full time DOES NOT WORK! Mothers are always working! We do not have free days, and every night we are always “on duty”. Common, do I really need to explain it???

Now I’ll tell you why I decided to talk about it in this post.
Elizabeth Arden launched the March On campaign, presenting the limited edition of the lipstick, signed by a famous Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon.
The Red Door Red lipstick will be sold all over the world. 100% of the proceeds will go to support UN Women foundation, the UN entity for gender equality and women’s empowerment. The organization works to accelerate progress on meeting the needs of women and girls worldwide.
The program is designed to celebrate women’s achievements, to encourage them to support the others, and provides an agreement to donate $ 1 million to UN Women to support their work. The goal is to promote the progress of women’s questions all over the world.

In my own modest way, I would also like to join the struggle for gender equality.
One lipstick at a time!!!

Photo ne photo editing by Andrea Pani

Lipstick Reese for Elizabeth Arden – buy it in specialized stores

Jacket Max&Co

Dress Max&Co

Earrings Mango (but I also like these)

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