My Top 5 Favorite Jeans of the Moment



1. This dark denim jeans is a very feminine one thanks to the ruffles that are sewn along the entire leg. Definitely very special and unusual, I also like it for this. Definitely not ordinary and very cute.





2. Denim color blocks goes with the fashion. The two shades of denim: light blue and dark blue are very matchy together, creating a brand new jeans pattern. It’s a fresh and original idea.




3. I remind you that the mom fit jeans models are characterized by a high waist, a straight leg, which tightens at the ankle and is extremely comfortable. They are neither too tight nor too wide, but a perfect half way to stay perfectly comfortable without sacrificing a style.



4. Let me remind you in a few words about a boyfriend model: a wide-legged and straight-legged jeans, the waistline goes down a bit. It’s a kind of jeans you would have stolen from his wardrobe.
This one here is more a cross between a boyfriend jeans and a girlfriend fit (which is a slimmer version of the boyfriend). And then, having the embroidery with flowers, it could hardly be stolen from his closet))). However, they have a comfortable, beautiful and fashionable fit.





5. Flared, with 7/8 length, high and tight waist, with this rich and intense denim color. They have seams with strips of fabric along the legs and a faux lace up at the waist. Very special, comfortable and trendy. I love it!


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