Let’s Discuss: Imitation or Fake?

Looking at this very pretty dress makes me think of something else as well. Precisely, of the imitation in fashion. As in many other fields, in fashion the imitation reigns above all.
The “big ones” launch a trend and the little ones transport it and make it arrive, perhaps slightly modified, to the masses.
This season, for example, it happened with the colorful and so recognizable Missoni pattern, which you can see “legally” in the pieces of many retailers. As it happened with the Gucci cardigans and slippers, with some Miu Miu or/and Balenciaga shoes, with the Chanel tweed blazers… And there are so many other examples.
So, many details of this dress remind me of those of Dior, who has launched the white straps with the logo, the dresses with the bustiers that replace the bras and the half transparencies of tulle. This dress is from the “official” collection of Guess, it is not a shameless fake and I bought it in a fairly respectable store that is the Rinascente. Let me be honest, I can not afford the Dior dress, but this much cheaper version (considering the discount, I paid it less than € 100) is fine.
I disagree on the purchase of real imitations, or fakes, with the logos of top companies and low prices. I do not find it right, because those pieces outline the status that you do not buy with the little money just to show it off.
But when an official retailer, Zara or Mango for example, let out a piece that is very reminiscent of some expensive pieces from the collections of the best designers, I find nothing to complain about buying a similar piece. You will see in any case, that it is not a shameless fake, but it will still be a trendy, eye-catching, and comfortable piece.
And what is your opinion about it?

Dress Guess
Shoes Superga for Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini
Bag vintage (similar here)

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