10 Useful Hacks to Make a Perfect Suitcase


Summer is a more probable period when you leave for the holidays. My family and I take a little break as well for several Paris days before diving into the Sardinian sea season!
Packing is quite a stressful task, which I always try to postpone to the last moment taking a risk to forget something. So, those of you who will have to face this task soon, will find here some useful tricks to make a perfect suitcase without extra effort and anxiety.

First of all: write a list! It’s really important and very helpful and I suggest you to write it a week before you leave. Keep it within reach so you can add things that you’ll remember day by day.
Check the things already packed, so you will not forget anything.

2.Use the plastic bags to organize things that could scatter in your suitcase: lingerie, bikinis, belts, chargers. Putting things inside the plastic bags will make it much easier to fit them inside the suitcase. You could use Ikea plastic bags with zippers, they are very comfortable.

I always put the jewelry in a separate case. I’ve been having it for many years, it is very comfortable and allows me to have things in it not only always at hand but also well laid out.

3. Beauty.
When I travel I usually take samples of the products I normally use or the likewise: a serum, an eye contour cream, day and night creams, a make-up remover. You can use travel bottles (which can also be found online) and fill them. The same is for the toothbrush / toothpaste kits, contact lenses and others. This way you avoid having unnecessary weights and volumes, which becomes quite essential if you can carry only a small suitcase with you.
As for the make-up, I do not travel without a mascara, an eye pencil, a foundation, a blusher and a lipstick!



4. The medicines.
Being a very personal subject, as the most necessary, I would probably name: something to treat pain and fever, patches, antihistamine. For my daughter, who has allergies, I bring all the necessary medicines to avoid being unprepared. I put everything in a separate extra beauty case or a plastic bag.

5. As for lingerie, I usually take a change for each day; socks; a pjs and fabric slippers: they are light, they do not occupy much space and it’s a real salvation for me: I do not like walking barefoot in the hotel rooms!

6. As for the clothes, even if I try to choose interchangeable basic items, I like to have a different look for each day. I compose them at home first, shoes and bags included, and then decide whether to take every look in full version or replace some piece.

The sneakers are the must though: you’ll definitely need them to be comfortable while walking!

7. Surely, I will take some extra empty plastic bags with me to put the used and dirty stuff, for example.

8. Of course, the same goes for husband’s and children’s suitcases, minus the make-up, of course! The children should take a couple of toys (on one condition that they fit in their respective suitcases), so in the moments of waiting they won’t be bored.

9. One of the things I always take with me is my old Prada backpack. And now, that the backpacks are back, it’s not only an old, good, comfy buddy, but also a statement piece!

10. So if you follow this scheme, packing your suitcase will become much faster and easier.
Hope this post was useful. Have a nice day!

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