Where to Buy a Trendy Jeans for a Day Outfit

And here you are, one of my favorite looks “on the go”: the jeans and the blouse, to which I add different accessories according to my current mood. In this case – they are looking very much alike the famous Miu Miu ballet flats, which are, nevertheless, the part of the official Motivi fashion collection.



(By the way, who’s interested in my considerations on the subject of fakes and imitations in fashion industry, can read here.) I just repeat that I don’t accept buying the fakes. If you can’t allow a piece, then do not buy it. End of story.
As for imitations, then the question is more complicated. And us, the final customers the thing doesn’t touch that much. If one brand releases a piece that clearly imitates the collection piece of another brand and launches quite officially, then for those who buy these things, I believe there is no point in bothering about it’s imitation.

The second accessory is a pretty pink Miu Miu pouch, which I found a couple of years ago on  www.net-a-porter.com.



And, finally, there are these big eye-catching earrings by Zara (unfortunately, I didn’t find them anymore), but this Asos, option is quite stylish, too.



Usually, the jeans help me out very often. If I want to be dressed comfortably, stylishly and for any occasion – then this is just my “jean” option. Jeans are the most classic clothes, in the sense that they never come out of fashion. But, their models change, of course. Usually I wear long regular fit models, but about a year ago the trends changed drastically and I wanted to follow them.
Now, where can you buy trendy jeans without spending too much, but not sacrificing quality?
As for me, I buy jeans in:

a) Mango (www.mango.com);
b) A bit less in Zara (www.zara.com) and I can’t tell you why;
c) Topshop –  if you want to find something unusual, then you got it there;
d) H & M -there are such beautiful and good quality models! But you will need to search them.
The prices of all four retailers are quite low, especially if your option is to wear your jeans not more than a couple of seasons.
And in the meantime, the summer officially began in Sardinia (the translation: thirty-degree, Celsius heat), so the jeans option in the daytime right now is not a good option at all))). I’ll try to shoot something in Paris, especially since I have one dream. And the dreams should come true, right? 😉

Thank you very much for reading and have a nice weekend!

Jeans Mango

Blouse (I didn’t find the same model, but this one is very pretty)

Ballet flats Miu Miu

Pouch Miu Miu (I didn’t find the same one, but this one’s very much alike)



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