Paris, Paris!


My staying in Paris inspired the desire to dress up in a nautical striped top, a black beret and … then there is a free interpretation of my own style of a Parisian woman.
Early in the morning the day of shooting the bar near our apartment on Madeleine, was completely deserted. This way all the cakes and pastries were there only for us. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately (for my body – this is exactly the second one), there was not a patisserie or a boulangerie nearby: my typical dream places in Paris where the eyes start to run away from the number of delicious cakes. You can also drink coffee there, which is not cheap at all. The cup of the espresso costs about € 3, while here in Italy it costs about € 1.50, so if you are a fan of having yourself more than one coffee break during the day (as we do that here in Italy), then this will cost you the money. And a cappuccino for breakfast is a real expensive treat, since it costs from 6€, while a Chardonnay glass in a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower cost me € 6.80. And the cappuccino here is not at all like in Italy: with a thick milk foam. Milk here is not whipped well: there are only big bubbles on top of cappuccino. Each of the tempting cakes costs € 3.50, so on average, breakfast will cost you € 10, against my € 2.50 in Italy. Of course, instead pairing one of these delicious to your coffee or cappuccino, you can pick a classic bagel (and there are the butter ones), or another classic option of baking here is pain au chocolat (a kind of a chocolate bread), or (surprisingly tasty) pain au amande (sweet bread with almonds). This last, I think, is a typical French thing and I just adore it!
But who will complain about an expensive cappuccino, when at every step for almost the same price you can enjoy a glass of French white, red, rose wine or a glass of champagne?
Have a nice week and thank you for reading!



Nautical top
Jeans cropped
Sneakers Converse

Backpack Prada


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