The Perfect Summer Flower-Printed Maxi Dress

Imagine a long dress of a very delicate voile cotton. A generously volumed skirt with fluffy flounces. The high waistline and the neckline at the back. The long ribbons that tie on the shoulders creating another vaporous volume. And finally, the picturesque floral print on this delicate and lightweight fabric. If you have not yet imagined it, there is a serious number of pics of this dress in the post (and please don’t judge my exaggeration, but in my opinion even this quantity is not enough to transfer all the beauty of this dress).

Whether it is the light breeze that inflates the generous skirt, transforming you into a nineteenth-century lady, or a total calm that allows you to hear the slight rustle of the skirt, this dress still gives you the magical joy of wearing it. Because it transpires the ancient femininity in all its details: the length, the size of the skirt, the lightness of the fabric, the print trama, the delicate bows, and finally, the sweet neckline on the back!
This is definitely a dress designed and made to be worn in the summer heat. During the special occasions and parties, of course, but also during the city strolls or the mountain promenades; during a picnic by the Seine (and why not???) with the basket full of fresh baguette, the choice of cheeses and fruits and a bottle of some excellent French rosè, or on the Central Park’s lawn…
It is a dress to catch the eye for its tenderness and delicacy, the bright and cheerful colors of it’s big flowers.
I love wearing it. I know I sound too sweetened, but it’s so romantically enchanting!

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