A Total White Elegant Outfit

A totally white outfit… The truth to be told, I’ve dreamed of it since I saw the film with Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes “Maid in Manhattan”.
There, the white outfit was an amazing white suit with a coat by the inimitable Stefano and Domenico, Dolce & Gabbana, of course!
That’s when and how my love at first sight for the white outfit happened for this extremely elegant and beautiful outfit. Too difficult and inappropriate to wear in the Moscow metro, though!
When it comes to this color, I must say I prefer the trouser suit: it is good for everyday, if you need a note of sophistication around you, and it’s definitely more than perfect for any evening occasion.
Since it’s summer, and there is no place for a white coat, I suggest an easier and more suitable option for the hot weather, consisting of cotton stretched textured fabric trousers and a top with volumetric inserts! Everything by Max & Co.
What do you think?
I wish all of you a good day and thanks for reading.

White top Max&Co

White trousers Max&Co

Necklace Mango

Earrings  Zara (but I also like these  ones)

Bag  Coccinelle



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