A Yellow Summer Jumpsuit and a Statement Bag

For me posting summer outfits goes much better not before the summer, as the trend would require, but during it. I’ll explain.
The skin during the cold months loses light and color, sometimes even the tonicity due to the negligence (yes, I know, but I’m not perfect). For this reason, many summer clothes measured in winter, while looking beautiful in the windows, do not make it at all after trying them. Has it ever happened to you? Well, to me, yes. And one of the examples is precisely this stunning yellow jumpsuit, which I immediately noticed in the catalog of the summer collection as soon as it came out. Beautiful, bright color, very summer-like with its flounces and delicate pink flowers. It seemed to be made to be in harmony with the sun and the summer mood.
But … once measured, looking at myself in the mirror, I got scared. With my white skin and it’s imperfections , I could not help not liking myself wearing that jumpsuit, even if so beautiful.
But, after a couple of months, with golden tanned skin, more toned and smooth thanks to the sea water, I definitely gave it another chance… and voila! Here’s that same jumpsuit that seems completely different and it feels like turns on my inner light and creates a simple but at the same time sophisticated summer outfit that hardly remains unnoticed and under appreciated. And pairing it with the famous bamboo Cult Gaia bag of it’s already so recognizable design, here we are, a perfect summery cheerful and pretty outfit. Do you like it? Because I really do very much!
Have a nice week and thanks for reading.


Jumpsuit  Max&Co


Bag Cult Gaia


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