Black-and-White Poncho

Half the summer is almost at an end, so perhaps I can start talking about less light clothes. Returning to one of the recent looks that I showed you here, I show it to you again, but with another complement. This complement is an unusual poncho with fringes.
We have not talked about this kind of clothes yet. Although there are several of them in my wardrobe. There are moments that sometimes you just want to have something that you can casually throw upon your shoulders, as before it used to be done with the cloaks that were tied around the neck. In order not to restrict freedom of movement, but at the same time to wear something warm and comfortable. And if that something manages to also complement and make your look special then it’s a definite win-win solution!
Usually, with ponchos I get it. If I ever buy this cape, it should be at least original and stylish to be welcomed in my wardrobe.
This poncho has won me over: firstly, because I adore the black and white trama, which goes so well with almost everything. Secondly, ethnic inspired design fabric is so similar to the pattern of the national Sardinian fabrics, which I like so much.
Of course, this poncho is more like a cloak: it’s open in the front and shuts by knotting the neckline like a scarf.
Being a cotton cape, this unusual poncho is quite appropriate for a cool summer day.
Have a good day and thanks for reading.


Poncho Max&Co.

White top Max&Co

White trousers Max&Co

Necklace Mango

Earrings  Zara (but I also like these  ones)

Bag  Coccinelle



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