Zebra Printed One-Piece Swimsuit

Well, what kind of summer it is without a post about the swimsuits? Especially here in Sardinia, with its sea and beaches – where they are practically almost the main piece of clothing in the summer season!
Fashion for swimwear is always changing, as well as everything else. Every year we are offered something different.
One year it’s a bikini with narrow thongs that got slowly replaced the more modest tangs. Which were replaced by the bikinis with the shorts-like bottoms and today the one-piece swimsuits are a real trend.
Personally, I always preferred the one-piece swimsuits as an option for a pool or a yacht. Finding the open bikinis to be more comfortable, easy going and ideal option for an even tan.
But times, taste, fashion and trends are changing and in the the variety of one-piece swimsuits there are those that catch your eye. This year I could not pass by without buying this one: zebra printed, it’s bold enough, but not vulgarly open in front, with side laces and a version of tang behind. To feel more at ease outside the beach area, I use the same printed pareo, and the upper swimsuit’s part looks just like a glamorous top. You can style the whole outfit by adding the necessary accessories – like an elegant straw handbag and a wide-brimmed hat. This way you’ll feel on top at any beach!
So, what do you think?
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful week!

Swimsuit  Yamamay  (I also like this Missbikini one and this one by Calzedonia)

Pareo (I also like this one

Bag Zara


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