Block-Colored Dress

I wouldn’t say which color is the main in this dress: yellow, white or pink. I just do not know, because being present all three of them, although in unequal parts, all of them are real main characters  making this dress unique and special.
The bag that I have chosen, removing the shoulder strap and making it less sporty, matches very well with the pink asymmetrical bow on the shoulder which is a special tender touch.
And then… Passing by in my car with the kids along the shore of Santa Margherita di Pula, I saw this beautiful lemon trees garden. It is not the exact season of the well-colored fruits. In fact, many had already fallen matured for some time and on the trees here and there you could see the green fruits, the new ones, which were maturing for the next harvest.

But it seemed to me a very nice and original idea to shoot right there, among the green of the leaves, the brown of the earth and the yellow of the lemons themselves. I’ve never seen a citrus grove of lemons so far, so you’ll understand why I was so fascinated by it. And in fact those trees were co-starring in the photo shoot, where this dress seemed so perfectly styled!

Dress Max&Co

Shoes Gucci

Bag Marc Jacobs


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