The Trend Persists: Gold

The persisting trend: gold! It’s a very eye-catching color, which creates an unrepeatable appeal, but beware: it’s not good with everything!
Of course, first of all, the undertone of your skin should be looked at: if it has warm and darker shades, or a veil of golden tan, as in my case, you may go for a gold outfit.
Another trick: metal fabrics tend to widen visually, so pay attention to the silhouette. But that doesn’t mean that if you’re not skinny you can’t wear gold. It’s just instead of wearing a golden dress, I would suggest that you should choose the gold-colored accessories, which will look great as well.
Another important thing is to always follow the same tonal line in the look: any accessory you pair with your golden outfit, if it is metallic, should follow the same tone. Here I matched the vintage gold-plated earrings.
It is advisable to also combine a proper-colored make-up, but it does not mean in a maniac way. If I have gold-colored nails here, it’s a pure coincidence. It is a gel, I chose it a few days ago and it’ll last for a month, so I guess I didn’t have a choice. In this case I picked the right color.
So, for a makeup it is better to choose warm colors: brown-apricot-beige.
For the rest, it is a particular and very special color: your golden look will undoubtedly be precious and very glamorous.

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