Trend: Leaf Prints

Fogliage… Tropical leaves, romantic leaves, bamboo leaves: all kinds of vegetable prints. This is one of the current trends: leaves prints on different fabrics or better: fogliage. We see the sprouting everywhere: from clothes to accessories. The creative possibilities of print designers come together in a perfect union with the call of nature, because if nature calls, fashion always responds.
They are used on trousers, blouses, overalls, beachwear, dresses.
The rule of the size of the print is more or less the same as the one with the florals: the large leaves widen optically, while the smaller ones create a pleasant slimmer effect.
Sometimes it’s so nice to take a break from the florals and to swap to a fresher leaf print either for summer or for autumn as well with it’s deep colored leaves.
I do not have many clothes with the leaves, but these are some and I wear them like that.



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