Neon Pink Dress

How can you make less sweetened a bright pink, almost neon dress?
It’s very simple: you need to style it with the sneakers and a sporty, but still very stylish handbag.
In summer, you need more often to wear bright colors, some of which are more appropriate in this colorful, sun-kissed season. But at the same time, excessive brightness can be “smoothed” by sportiness and unpretentiousness of the style, which I tried to do in this look.
Intensely bright pink colored dress looks the best in summer and either during the sunny days and or on mild summer evenings.
The famous handbag by Marc Jacobs Snapshot is perfect for the daytime option, although it’s quite all right in the evening, too.
Where to buy it?

Dress Max&Co.
Bag Marc Jacobs
Shoes Converse


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