My Favorite Office Look For Autumn

Let’s talk about office outfits for autumn. Autumn, I must say, is the ideal time for suits, which, especially during the warm sunny days, can still be worn without outerwear. Even in a cool fall weather, a suit jacket can help out: it protects you from the wind and prevents you from freezing while you are stylishly and beautifully dressed.
I believe that an elegant work suit should be stylish and not to look cheap. The suit for me is one of the basic things that we will always wear, so the money spent even for an expensive thing but of a high quality will never be thrown away.
The suit allows you to always look fashionable, but without exaggeration: we do not need that our colleagues see us as fashion victims, right? However, elegance, sobriety and class must be maintained in the look when we dress for the office.
So, what to choose?

The colors.

Besides the classic ones, now the prints are extremely trendy. They could be a good alternative to the monochromatic suits still remaining elegant and appropriate. But also the typical autumn colors, such as burgundy, brown, dark green, red are always used.


It can be either wool or cotton, but now it is also the velvet to be very much in trend: it is really very fashionable now, but keep in mind that this trend sooner or later is gonna pass, therefore those of you who are not the fans of this kind of fabrics can go for the classic ones.


As for the suit types, my favorites are always the trouser ones, which does not mean that the skirt ones don’t not work.
But here are some tip regarding the trouser suits: the preference is given to the high waist and not very long trousers: 3/4 or culottes.
Here are my 3 favorite suit versions for this season that I wanted to show you. What do you think? Which one would you prefer?

Suit, t-shirt and bag Max&Co

Sneakers Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini for Superga


Suit, t-shirt and bag Max&Co

Shoes Gucci

Rings Michael Kors


Suit Max&Co.

Bag Zara

Shoes Motivi

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