Double Trend: Corduroy and Suede Dress

Autumn is a perfect period for all soft, warm and cozy fabrics.
I have already written about some trends of this season (as for example checkers, cowboy style here). Now I’d like to talk about another trend of the moment: corduroy. Being present in the collections of many designers, this warm and pleasant fabric has easily found its place in many bloggers and influencers outfits and, consequently, can’t help being presented by the stores.
The choice of corduroy items is really huge. Trousers, tops and suits (look, for example, Mango and Zara). Or the dresses that have returned from the 70s, skirts, jackets and caps. And this list can still be continued.
But in this post I would like to focus in particular on a suede dress in ribbed velvet.
So, we will talk about two trends in one outfit: corduroy, which is, in fact, not ordinary and unusual fabric; and a ribbed velvet dress with buttons on the front (always covered with the same fabric), which in an updated version of the kind of dresses that were used in the far seventies.
1. Corduroy. The structured and interesting fabric which itself already gives an accent to the look. But above this, it also ideally matches a cold period like autumn-winter, warming up perfectly.
The colors of corduroy used now are among the most different: so that mistakes are almost impossible.
2. The suede dress with it’s graceful silhouette is a good example of how a forgotten thing can be revisited and adapted to modernity. In fact, this type of dresses with buttons on the front and V-neck were used a lot between the late ’60s and the early’ 70s, and now they are trendy again. The ribbed velvet gives it a new character and the old rose pink color is very tender.
I have combined this soft pink with the white, obtaining thus a trendy but comfortable and cozy day outfit. What do you think?

Dress Max&Co
Turtleneck body
Boots H&M
Necklace Mango
Bag Coccinelle

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