Fall Layering for a Sunny Day

Was it the last warm autumn day?
I don’t know, but even that hot Sardinian day I used layering: you can see me with the sweater in the other pics. The layering in the cold season is the clue. And the stylish layering is the optimal answer of the fashionistas to the necessity to warm up.
Culottes, boots, turtle neck and a colorful sweater: that’s the cuddling answers to the cold. The stylish necklace, cross body suede bag and cool sunnies: that is the accessory styling of the outfit.
Simple, easy to wear and to style look, quick to compose. Stylish, comfy and cozy: just the right way to be on the go for us moms!
Sweater, turtleneck, culottes, necklace and bag Max&Co

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