A Must-Have Down Jacket

Winter is not over yet (not even in Sardinia!). So it seems more than fair to dedicate this post to the winterest cape ever: down jacket! But not just any of them. I had already dedicated a post to this same model just a year ago (here) but here we are again: the same down jacket, but different color. While last winter it was a blue navy one, this year here we are with a chocolate brown version. The model is just the same: a little above the knee, slightly longer on the backside, the straight and loose fit with many pockets, zippers and gussets and hood lined with the soft and warm Mongolian fur. For MAX&Co. this down jacket has now become a real must-have piece.
In fact it differs from the usual down jackets all around, very light and comfortable, but incredibly warm. Wearing it gives the sensation of being wrapped up in a cozy plaid.
But, listen, listen! This year they also offer it’s light blue and khaki green versions with sand-colored Mongolian fur. The latter, in fact, has the air of being a parka: a trendy cape but in this case also very warm and suitable for winter.
It is for the second year in a row that I avoid styling this down jacket with sporty shoes: it goes without saying that they will be fine with it. I wanted to show you rather this down jacket with the heels in a more elegant outfit and as you see, it goes with it perfectly.
The trousers and the bag are also both MAX&Co. Hurry up, the trousers and the down jacket are on sale now!

Down jacket, pants and bag MAX&Co.

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