Leopard Print Is Back!

It is true that the leopard print is too sassy, but nevertheless wearing it stylishly and with no errors is much easier than it might seem. Some styling tips about this print you can also find here. Sometimes just one leopard accessory is enough.
But now, when this print (and the animal trend in general) is in the spotlight, you can also let yourself go for something more intentional, always following the simple rules.
Sexy, exceptionally chic, sophisticated – that’s what leopard print brings while being worn. And the Hollywood divas of the past (and not only) are the proof!

1. If it’s not just an accessory, but a main piece in your outfit, then you have to wear it in a confident and to feel it on you. In that moment it must become a part of your soul. Then, your eyesight and the attitude will change. Well, the feline is feline.



Therefore, if you do not like attracting looks on you, avoid big amounts of this print: it is a weapon and not a shield!

2. At the same time, while styling, it should be treated as a basic one. You can pair it with the most conservative clothes, remaining in the same shade of your print: it is very important not to break the tonal harmony. However today, when leopard print is insanely popular, the designers suggest the combinations that go well beyond the usual pairings. For the most courageous and trendy, the leopard goes well with all the prints. You got that right: the Mix & Match works with the stripes, flowers prints, polka dots, checkers; it is even suggested to be styled with the silver and neon details. Whoever has an impeccable taste, will be able to estimate the right proportion of such a details in their outfits, but personally I do not recommend these experiments to those who are less sure.

3. If leopard is the leading piece of your look, I generally recommend only one piece at at time. If these are the accessories you need to top a little bit some flat or monochromatic look, then they can be more than one: such pairs as shoes-bag, shoes – scarf, glasses (frame)-belt, etc. are too many indeed! The combinations may be different. It is sufficient that the shades and the type of the print of the various accessories are similar.







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