Spring Accessories

Why do we need accessories? To make our outfit happier, or to express our individuality.  It is this small detail that can be a characteristic of our whole style.

So how to put the accents this spring, remaining true to yourself, without forgetting the trend?

Here we are some of my tips:

 1. Red

 In one of the previous posts I have already shared with you my preference for this color lately.  For me, really, there has come a period of more than active actions, changes, achievement of goals. The need for red in such moments of life is felt more acutely. Red fills us with energy and helps to feel greater confidence.

Hence the need for red accessories as well.

I decided to focus on top and bottom of my outfit, balancing it.  How you will decide to do it, it’s up to you, of course.





Let’s go further.

 2. Python. Not anyone loves this print, right? But in small quantities it can look very impressive. It can now be mixed even with leopard print (this combination is not new – it was already shown by Dries van Noten in his 2016 year collection dedicated to Luisa Casati). And separately about the leopard you can read erehere and herehere.

 Again, I used two small accents.  Here are some pics for comparison.




And, the last but not least…

 3. The leopard print as an accent: I already told you about how to wear it as the main cape of the look in my last postpost. Now, I propose it as only a small detail to create a color spot.




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