A Total White Elegant Outfit

A totally white outfit… The truth to be told, I’ve dreamed of it since I saw the film with Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes “Maid in Manhattan”. There, the white outfit was an amazing white suit with a coat by the inimitable Stefano and Domenico, Dolce & Gabbana, of course! That’s when and how my […]

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The Perfect Summer Flower-Printed Maxi Dress

Imagine a long dress of a very delicate voile cotton. A generously volumed skirt with fluffy flounces. The high waistline and the neckline at the back. The long ribbons that tie on the shoulders creating another vaporous volume. And finally, the picturesque floral print on this delicate and lightweight fabric. If you have not yet […]

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Paris, Paris!


My staying in Paris inspired the desire to dress up in a nautical striped top, a black beret and … then there is a free interpretation of my own style of a Parisian woman. Early in the morning the day of shooting the bar near our apartment on Madeleine, was completely deserted. This way all […]

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10 Useful Hacks to Make a Perfect Suitcase


Summer is a more probable period when you leave for the holidays. My family and I take a little break as well for several Paris days before diving into the Sardinian sea season! Packing is quite a stressful task, which I always try to postpone to the last moment taking a risk to forget something. […]

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Let’s Discuss: Imitation or Fake?

Looking at this very pretty dress makes me think of something else as well. Precisely, of the imitation in fashion. As in many other fields, in fashion the imitation reigns above all. The “big ones” launch a trend and the little ones transport it and make it arrive, perhaps slightly modified, to the masses. This […]

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